The mug that

keeps on giving

Upgrade your own NFT from our supported chain into a quality printed physical MoonMug and get 20% reflection or simply mint one of our lovely Moonkeys

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$MUG is our governance token and will be used as a currency within our Ecosystem in the future.

Cause it's not just a mug anymore...

I am a special next generation mug, and I come with mind blowing features, that your kitchen cupboard has never seen before!

I was crafted and catapulted into the Metaverse from a Garage Project in Switzerland Zurich.

My creators hand pick me and distribute me from 3 decentralised locations to my new Metaverse: your household!

I am not just a mug with an NFT tattoo.

The idea behind my creation is to bridge digital with physical, to bridge intangible with tangible, to bridge crypto with the real world and the real world with the Metaverse.

And I am just the start…

I am the first step of what my creators see as a global movement characterized by the shift on how the value of goods is determined.

The rise of the crypto market has already shown the impact of psychology and emotion to the markets, more than ever. Emotional connection, personal values and individual style are becoming more and more important in investment decisions. NFTs’ success is exactly the reflection of this shift.

Moonmug is a demonstration of the real power of digital money.

How digital assets can allocate infinite value to anything, even to a simple everyday household good, a mug.

To show that value can co-exist inside your digital wallet and outside your computer screen. To make us think and explore the infinite possibilities of a future where we have the power and freedom to decide.

The power to give value to what we value.

I am a part of a future where we will be deciding more and more what is valuable based on what we believe, what we like, what we are emotionally connected to.

This is me.

This is Moonmug.

Bridging the emotional value of the NFTs in your wallet with the practical value of a plain mug, as a start..

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Who we are

We are a worldwide team of finance, IT, marketing professionals and inspired artists! Our project is incubated by the Rugpull Prevention Team and enjoys their full support.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring NFTs to life! Therefore we aim to extend their utility by linking their value to physical applicable goods, starting with a mug.