This is what's planned for Moonmug in the next coming months!

Q4 2021

  • Launch NFT Minting.
  • Begin sending claimed MUGs with NFTs printed on them.
  • Know Your Developer and NFTrust with Moonmug.
  • MUG token fair launch for Moonmug and RaceX communites.
  • RaceX and Moonmug holders get rewards

Q1 2022

  • Official Third party audit of Staking Dapp
  • Deploy Staking Dapp
  • Special Collaborations with Projects around AVAX Network
  • Begin development of Marketplace Dapp

Q2 2022

  • Launch of limited content for $MUG holders
  • Moonmug marketplace deployment
  • Extend product line with new Products
  • Implement MUG token purchases for physical store items
  • Increase token use cases through RaceX and Moonmug integrations

Q3 – Q4 2022

  • Become the #1 Metaverse to Real World Marketplace.
  • Holiday special editions of NFTs.