Your Access to DeMa, Launched 17-11-2021

Yes, DeMa was born with moonmug !

With your $MUG Coins you have access to DeMa; Decentralised Marketplace.

$MUG is our governance token and will be used as a currency within our Ecosystem in the future.

Investing in our coin brings additional benefits, such as

  • Access to exclusive products through our DeMa
  • Airdrops for $MUG Holder; in form of Products; Coins etc
  • Investment in DeMa; a rising Marketplace for physical products on AVAX.
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$MUG Tokenomics



  • TEAM (marketing/development): 175M Token locked for 1 Year
  • CIRCULATING: 650M Token
  • BURN: 1B Token
  • Supported chains: AVAX, ETH, BSC, POLY, FTM
  • Supported NFTs: Image NFTs (ERC721 and ERC1155)
  • Upgrade Costs: 2 AVAX
  • Supply: No Limit
  • Contract: 0x7dc...7A8D

Want to know more?

Read our whitepaper